Powerful & flexible server backups.

Schedule frequent backups and keep your websites, servers & databases safe.

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One platform

Backups for all your projects

Simple yet powerful platform which takes care of your file, database & website backups so you don't have to.


Powerfull features

Make your backup strategy simple

From websites to databases and snapshots, we have a backup solution tailored to your needs. And if we don't, let us know and we will create it.


Keep your cloud servers safe with up to hourly snapshots. Connect your account & we take care of the rest.

File backups

Backup the files from your servers to an external cloud storage of your choice (AWS S3, Wasabi, etc).

Database backups

Backup your MySQL & PostgreSQL databases to an external cloud storage of your choice (AWS S3, Wasabi, etc).

Encrypted backups

You have the possibility to encrypt your backups using private keys to which only you have access.

Streamed backups

Since the backups are directly streamed to the cloud storage, no disk space is used when performing a backup.

Storage included

Connect your own cloud storage (AWS S3, Wasabi, DigitalOcean Spaces, etc) or use the one we offer.

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Snapshots & backups

Choose between snapshots and backups. You can also use both, it's up to you.


Create point-in-time snapshots of your cloud instances, securely stored in the infrastructure of your cloud provider.

Integrations with 10 cloud providers

We have integrations with 10 of the most popular cloud providers.

Simple & powerfull backup settings

With our simple, yet powerful backup settings you can easily configure when the snapshots should be taken and for how long we should keep them.

Simple restores

Snapshots are securely stored inside the infrastructure of your cloud provider and can be restored directly from thier dashboard.

Database & file backups

Scheule automated offsite backups of your files and databases (MySQL & PostgreSQL).

Unlimited backups

You can take and keep as many backups as you wish. We don't limit you.

Up to 250GB of included storage

Each of our plans come with out of the box storage. The biggest one has 250GB.

Bring your own Storage

In case you don't want to use the storage included in your plan, you can always connect your own AWS S3, Wasabi, DigitalOcean, Backblaze B2 account and your backups won't even pass by our storage.
File backups

Store your backups anywhere

We have integrations with multiple cloud storage providers so you can choose the one which meets your requirements.

Alternatively, you can always use the storage we offer with each plan.

DigitalOcean Spaces
Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

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