Simple & flexible DigitalOcean backups

Keep your droplets & volumes safe with our simple yet powerful & flexible DigitalOcean backup solution.

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Powerful features

Improve your DigitalOcean backup stragey

Automatically backup your DigitalOcean droplets & volumes to keep your data safe. Be prepared when the worst happens.

Multiple accounts

Do you have more than one DigitalOcean account? No problem! You can easily connect multiple DigitalOcean accounts.

Fast recovery

When the worst happens, you will be able to quickly spin up a new droplet from any of your DigitalOcean snapshots and get back online.

Securly stored

The snapshots are securely stored inside DigitalOcean's infrastructure, making the restore process fast and simple.

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Droplets & volumes

Backup both your DigitalOcean droplets and volumes.

Powerful yet simple backup settings

With our simple, yet powerful backup settings you can easily configure when the backups should be taken and for how long we should keep them.

Hourly to daily backups

Choose from hourly up to daily backups.

Powerful retention

Retain the most important backups and save on storage costs. You can configure how many daily, weekly and monthly backups should be kept.

Simple restores

Snapshots are securely stored inside DigitalOcean's infrastructure and can be restored directly from thier dashboard.

Droplets & volumes overview + auto-discovery

Don't spend time configuring backups everytime a new Droplet or Volume is created and be up to date with what happens in the background with your data.

Detailed overview

View all the snapshots of a Droplet or Volume, filter by status, tags and manually create or delete each one of them.


Weap detects when a Droplet or Volume is created from DigitalOcean and automatically imports it.
DigitalOcean snapshots

Effortless region replication allows you to easily replicate your backup snapshots across multiple DigitalOcean regions. Even better, DigitalOcean doesn't charge you more for snapshots stored on multiple regions.

DigitalOcean region replication

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