Automated MySQL backups made simple and flexible.

Schedule worry-free, up to every 5 minutes backups for your MySQL databases.

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Flexible MySQL Backups tailored for your needs.

Frequent backups

Keep your databases safe with up to every 5 minutes backups. Schedule the backups as frequently as you want.

Archived backups

Easy and powerful backup retention that allows you to have access to your most important backups.

Up to 250GB of storage included

Each plan comes with included storage for your backups, up to 250GB. Connect your own account for more.

Powerful & easy backup settings

With our simple, yet powerful backup settings you can easily configure when the backups should be taken and for how long we should keep them.

Backup your MySQL databases as freqeunt as you need.


Bring your own storage

In case you don't want to use the storage included in you our plan, you can always connect your own AWS S3, Wasabi, DigitalOcean and Backblaze B2 account and your backups won't even pass by our storage.


Backups overview

View all the backups of a database, filter by status, tags and manually create or delete each one of them.


Super-simple setup

Just connect your server, configure the backup schedule and will take care of the rest.


Frequently asked questions

If you have other questions, feel free to reach us out.

Can I try Weap for free?

Of course! There is no credit card required and you get access to all our great features for a period of 14 days! After that, it's your choice to use further or just stop.

How much storage is included?

Each plan comes with a different amount of included storage which is visible on the pricing page. The biggest plan has 250GB of included storage while the smallest has 5GB.

How many backups can I create?

You can create backups until the offered storage is full. After that, you will have to delete some backups or to connect your own storage.

Can I connect multiple cloud storages?

Of course! You can connect as many storages as you want. You also have to freedom to choose on which storage a database should be backed-up.

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