How to schedule DigitalOcean Daily Backups allows you to schedule daily DigitalOcean backup snapshots for your Droplets and Volumes. Since the native DigitalOcean snapshots are used, spinning up a new Droplet or restoring an existing one from a daily backup is a breeze.

Why daily backups?

Having backups is crucial. Every application that has dynamic content should be backed-up at least once per day for obvious reasons. Keep reading further if you want to schedule DigitalOcean Daily Backups using Weap.

Scheduling Daily Backups

Select the Cloudlet you want to backup every day and open the Frequency and Retention settings. As a first thing, we are going to set the Frequency to Daily.

If you have a special time when the backups should be created, select it. By default, the backups will be created at midnight.


Retaining the Backups

Now it's time to decide for how long we want to retain the backups. In this example, we are going to retain the last 30 daily backups, the last 4 weekly backups, and the last 3 monthly backups.

Remember! If your Cloudlet is a Volume, DigitalOcean will not allow more than 25 active snapshots. This means that you should configure the retention policy to retain no more than 25 backups.



Congratulations! From now on, your Cloudlet will be backed-up by Weap every day at the selected time. As an extra layer of security, we recommend replicating your backups in multiple DigitalOcean regions, at no extra cost.